Photos from the Sublime Frequencies Film Screening

Dscn2236Moroccan Fekkas + ghoribas with coconut
All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz

Thanks again to everyone who came to the Sublime Frequencies film screening we hosted at Le Pick Up. Sublime Frequencies co-founder Hisham Mayet — who had never been to Montreal before — loved our cozy spot + especially dug the pulled pork sandwich. Who wouldn’t?

Some photos from the evening – enjoy!

Also. Did you see the article ‘Ecstatic Truths’ by Kier-La Jannise (of Blue Sunshine) that appeared in the Montreal Mirror a few weeks ago? From the story:

“Like the work of Les Blank or Werner Herzog, Hisham Mayet’s films offer a holistic fly-on-the-wall exploration of music, mysticism and ceremony. “I’m looking to convey a visceral experience without diluting it,” he says, citing Herzog’s concept of “ecstatic truth” as applicable to his own work. To achieve ecstatic truth is to transcend merely factual documentation, and Mayet takes on the roles of both observer and spontaneous participant, often negotiating through delicate relationships to be able to view things from the inside.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Dscn2238Hisham Mayet, of Sublime Frequencies, with Montreal writer Adam Gollner
All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz
Dscn2239Hisham Mayet + Rueben, behind the counter
All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz
Dscn2240The awesome crowd!
All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz
Dscn2241Hisham Mayet wraps things up
All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz
Posted November 26, 2010