DLPU on Twitter!


As long as the skies stay sunny + cornflower blue, we’re willing to accept that winter is most certainly upon us. Making things even better? Warm pumpkin pies (how was your Thanksgiving, by the way, American friends?) and spoonfuls of crispy apple crumbles. Thick potato curries and Chinese congee. Foie gras terrine slathered on warm brioche. Roast turkey smeared with cranberry relish. All things we love as December creeps up on us.

(And our specials today? Hot quesadilla dotted with black beans, chicken and salsa. Potato salad with apples and bacon. And tomato and sausage soup.)


By the way, have you noticed that we have resurrected our dusty Twitter account? Feel free to follow us there, where we post daily specials, among other fun things. (Facebook, too, is a frequented hangout for us).

Posted November 29, 2010