December Goodies...


K, so it’s December already. Terrifying but also… awesome. Gingerbread houses! Roast turkey! Family fallouts! Tinsel! (If that’s yr thing, of which it is most assuredly our thing).

This is all to say: Stop by the Pick Up next week to check out our new holiday display. We’ll be culling together a crazy delicious assortment of gift-ready holiday treats so as to ease the pain of holiday shopping.

Look for: Natasha’s homemade granola (blueberries! dark chocolate! cranberries! more chocolate!), bags bursting with thick slabs of shortbread + gingerbread, sweet & salty jams + conserves from some of Montreal’s finest canners… and some other holiday classics, too. We’ll be changing up what’s available as the days tick by.

In the meantime, fill your bellies + lungs with eggnog, poorly sung Christmas carols, and exorbitant amounts of mulled whiskey paired with juicy wedges of pecan pie.

Joyeux Noël!!

Posted December 04, 2010