Tomorrow! Cookies Unite with Sunny Stone


The next chapter of Cookies Unite continues tomorrow evening with chef Sunny Stone.

From Little Miss Queenie:

She looks like a rock star and she cooks like an animal. She’s dropping names like Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Chez Panisse, and Réservoir. Her latest hit is a new restaurant called Comptoir, a plateau hot spot for homemade charcuterie.

Do NOT miss this show.

A totally wicked chick, Sunny’s first career was in fashion though she has been obsessed with food since she was 6 years old. When she finally decided to cross into the restaurant world no one wanted to give her the work she was looking for. Time and again front of house positions were offered but she kept asking and finally landed her first crappy low paying kitchen job. That is passion.

A couple of years ago Sunny began pickling and hasn’t stopped. Recently she opened a business called Preserve & Stone and has been selling her wares over the summer at Marché Fermier.

Stone is a wannabe country girl. She claims that this is the last city she’ll live in. So, before she becomes a recluse making dried sausages at the farm you should come and see what she is up to.

The dinner is a $30 fixed menu. For reservations contact Jacques:

Posted December 05, 2010