Candied Fruits Recipes at ...An Endless Banquet

5242480513_67490a7c6e_zMichelle through the glass
Photo by AJ Kinik

A sugar-sparkled thank you to everyone who came out to the candied fruit workshop with Michelle Marek. Despite the ferocious blizzard, we had 100% attendance! Now that’s commitment to sugary fruits.

5243077290_52a5e49fb0Fruits, pre-candying
Photo by AJ Kinik

…An Endless Banquet graciously posted links to the recipes that Michelle used for the workshop on Monday night, so even if you weren’t able to attend, we hope you’ll try out her versions of stollen, panforte, ginger cookies and candied fruits.

Get the recipes here.

And: they’ve also noted that Michelle’s interview with the CBC on Sunday morning is now posted online, for those of us who didn’t wake up at 7:30am on a Sunday morning to tune in. Listen here.

5242479191_05e95e8d36Listening In
Photo by AJ Kinik

And finally: We’ll be posting our own photo gallery from the evening soon. There are over 100 mouthwatering photos to comb through, so stay tuned!

[All photos provided by AJ Kinik.]

Posted December 08, 2010