Gastronomeal Reports on Candied Fruits workshop

Img_8421Finished Goodies
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

We’re an eccentric bunch here at the Dep, so it goes without saying that we really loved the eclectic mix of participants who joined us on Monday night.

Img_8318Natasha and Michelle
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

One thing we noticed, though? How many amazing bloggers, photogaphers, and writers were in our midst. Michelle was a celebrity!

Img_8310Recipe handouts
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

Singaporean-based student Alaric — of the wonderful blog Gastronomeal — joined us with his trusty cameras (he bought two!) and shared with us his write-up of the night, as well as his fabulous photos.

Img_8326Candied Fruits
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

He writes:

I went home with a smile on my face – Michelle definitely changed my opinion about using candied fruits in pastries, and how these amazing flavours and textures from the candied fruits can be incorporated into desserts.

Img_8347Candied peel bubbling away
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

My personal favourite would have to be the Panforte – I LOVE its texture, and how the spices balanced so well with the chocolate. I just couldn’t get enough of it!

Img_8397Cutting the panforte
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

It definitely also reminded me of the nougat in terms of the texture, which resembles that of a candy than a pastry.

Img_8409A wedge of panforte
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

The workshop really did inspire me in various different ways. Michelle’s passion for food, and of course pastry, is something that I have always loved, and would love to do. It was definitely an honour to be able to learn from her in person, and to talk to her about food! I look forward to attending upcoming workshops like this at LPU, and hopefully take this opportunity to explore the “food scene” in Montréal.

Img_8417Polaroid from the end of the night!
All photos by Alaric Gastronomeal

Wonderfully put. He also sent us the link to his entire photo gallery. Check them out here!#

Thanks, Alaric. Hope to see you back at the Dep soon!

[All photos by Gastronomeal]

Posted December 08, 2010