Beaver in the Montreal Mirror

M-beaver-sdPhoto by Sharon Davies

Our very own Beaver Sheppard had an article in last week’s Montreal Mirror last week. From the piece:

“Like many people, I first met Beaver Sheppard at some ridiculous late-night party where everything is hazy and no one really matters. He was clever and absurd and probably the only person anyone would remember the next morning. “I’m a recognized name for a lot of other things than art, like being a weird socialite,” says Sheppard. “I went out every day for an entire year, back in 2006—I went out every single day, every night.” Which is maybe why I was a bit surprised the first time I heard Beaver play. He stepped on stage with only his guitar and sang songs that were beautiful, sincere and often incredibly sad— comparable perhaps to Daniel Johnston.”

Read the rest here.

Beaver is playing a show with his new band, Country, this Friday at the Sala Rossa, with Uncle Bad Touch, Devil Eyes, Black Void, The Fort, Plaster Hands and more. The show begins at 9pm. Don’t miss it!

Posted January 13, 2011