Le Pick Up in the news...


Le Pick Up was featured in the Hour this morning, as covered by intrepid journo Melora Koepke (who was a fearless participant at last December’s pastry workshop with Michelle Marek). From her story:

“…by now it has become something of an instant institution, both for people in the neighbourhood who come in for staples and for gourmands from across the city who come in for certain delicacies from their short-order grill and sandwich station. And though it’s true that their pulled pork is arguably the best in town, Le Pick-Up has also become much more than the sum of its parts: a community hub, an art-house video screening room, even a sometime cooking school of sorts.”

Some choices moments from Bernie, including:

“But running a band can be like running your own business sometimes – you have to keep a lot of pots on the stove. I feel like the through-line of all the things I’ve done is that they’re all project-oriented. This is another kind of project. It’s about being able to think things through, and not be afraid to deal with things, and learn how to structure everything so that it works, and also have fun with it.”

Read the full story here!

We also noticed a nice little mention from the food blog Bubble Tea for Dinner.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy yr week!

Posted February 24, 2011