Beaver Sheppard to cook for Cookies Unite!


Our beloved chef Beaver Sheppard will be leading the next installment of the popular supper club series Cookies Unite, held at the Nouveau Palais.

From lmQcooks:

“What you may or may not know about Beaver Sheppard is that he is not only an accomplished musician but a hyper talented cook. He’s been at Dépanneur Le Pick-Up “the longest” but this is not where Beaver got his start in the culinary world.

He says that his parents often didn’t cook and his babysitter smoked too much. So, Beaver really got his start with a microwave, some hotdogs and several discerning condiments.
Graduating from the microwave he headed to the Culinary Institute of Canada in PEI. From there he migrated to Montreal where his career in music and in the kitchen flourished. Hitting wedding halls, Mess Hall, Globe, Au Pied de Cochon and Bizou. Touring as a musician and being a Montreal presence all on his way to Dépanneur Le Pick-Up where he now mans the griddle.

If asked to describe his style, my man Beaver says that you can expect a Newfie-grandma-gangster-gangbang.

Can’t wait!"

And! Oooh yeah: check out the recent Montreal Gazette review of our sister restaurant, Nouveau Palais, here!

Posted February 27, 2011