DLPU goes to coffee school!

CoffeeschoolCoffee College with Alex and Vass

As we gear up for summer madness, we decided it’s the perfect time to take our coffee service to the next level. In order to help us with our need for the perfect brew, we approached Anthony from Cafe Myriade, a true coffee lovers haven. Alex and Vassilias, two of Myriade’s uber-knowledgeable baristas, came to the Dep last night for some intensive instruction, otherwise known as Coffee School. Their passion for coffee is beyond infectious, and we can’t wait to share our new knowledge with you!

If the weather cooperates — it will get nice soon, yeah?! — we’ll be starting up with a number of cold drinks as well. Powermade will be back on the menu along with regular iced coffee, Vietnamese cold coffee and the introduction of the Arnold Palmer.

We will also be making an exciting announcement next week about our coffee supplier, so stay tuned for more news on that front.

So now: let us pray for some sunshine!

Posted April 23, 2011