In Which We Chat with Jeremy Felker While He Makes A Steak Sub.

Dscn4459The man, the myth, the sandwich: Jeremy Felker
Photo by Natasha Li Pickowicz

Welcome to another new series on our blog, in which we chat with our own beloved staff.

First up is one of the most senior members of our rad crew: Jeremy Felker. You’ve spotted him manning the griddle, always with a smile and a few jokes.

Before joining us at the Dep, he’s cooked at Aux Vivres, La Sala Rossa, and Brasserie Reservoir. Jeremy has been with us at the Dep for two years, and in Montreal for nine. In short, we love this Ontario native.

So, what kind of music do you like to jam while you’re cooking?

Jeremy: Zombie rave.

Intense. Anything else?

Jeremy: You know, it has to have a great beat. I have to be able to dance to it while I work. I think of it as dinner theater.

What do you love about working at the Dep?

Jeremy: I love that we serve the kind of food that you could get at other restaurants, but at half the price. Recently we had a special veal steak — 10oz for $9. You can’t beat that.

That sounds delicious. What was it like?

Jeremy: Man, it was so good. Dry-rubbed with spices and then marinated in onions, ancho chiles and pasilla peppers. I served it with a mango and black bean salsa. Oh yes.

Why are Montreal summers so awesome?

Jeremy: Definitely riding my bike, chilling in parks… and getting out of the city.

Any final comments?

Jeremy: I’ve spent a lot of my years cooking at high-end restaurants, but I love it here. I love the pacing, the informality of everything, and actually having a relationship with the people that I cook for.

Thanks Jeremy. You’re rad, and we love you.

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Posted June 06, 2011