Let's Get to Know Lucy Butler!


[Lucy with colleague Joseph]

Our interview with Lucy Butler continues the ongoing series in which we sit down and chat with the Dep’s beloved staff. Here’s the first one, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Oh, how we love Lucy. Anybody who frequents the Dep would recognize Lucy’s adorable laugh, flaxen hair, and sassy attitude. We can’t imagine this place without her. We recently caught up with this Ontario native during the lunch rush and asked her a few questions. Read on for ice cream chat, karaoke strategy, and the advantages of being a morning person.

Okay, so Lucy. Facts first. How long have you worked at the Dep?

A year and… a bunch. [Pauses] Since April 2010!

What about Montreal? How long have you been here?

It will be nine years in August.

Where are you from originally?

I hail from the Land of Ottawa.

Tell me a little bit about other jobs you’ve had.

Let’s see… right now you can also find me at the Multimags on St. Laurent. I was a homemade ice cream scooper for over five years. I was an organizer for a slutty bingo place. Yes, that’s a thing. I was a bartender at a super sketchy gentlemen’s club in NDG. I would say some things about it but I don’t want it to appear on the website. I did the corporate thing for three years, flying around the country opening H&Ms.

Woah. Okay. Great resume! I’ve always wanted to scoop ice cream. Give free ice cream to the boys that I liked. Tell me about summers in Montreal. What advice would you give for maximizing summer enjoyment?

I would say, get the fuck out of Montreal. (Laughs) I also like to walk my roommates’ dachshund mix, Karl. With a K.

Any of your ice cream know-how carry over during the summer?

I definitely recommend eating sorbet 24-7. The tarter the better. Avoid all sweet flavors. I love passionfruit, lemon, and lime. I’m something of an ice cream connoisseur, so every summer I like to pick different joints and see what they do best. Right now I’m into Havre-aux-Glaces at the Jean Talon Market.

Do you make your own ice cream, too?

I don’t make shit. I’m a princess!

Haha, classic. What else refreshes you during the summer?

Well it’s cocktail season. A nice vodka-based gimlet is always great.

If there was a drink called ‘The Lucy,’ what would it be?

Sorbet and vodka. Sort of like an ice cream float.

Okay, let’s steer this conversation back to the Dep. We are, after all, still in the workplace. Let’s save the cocktail chat for happy hour. What are your favorite things about working here?

When I work mornings, it’s that I get to be the first person the morning people see when they come in super early. I help get to make their day special or nice. I love that.

I love working at the Dep because I really get all the social time I need. This is my social fix. We have the best people here, and we throw the best staff parties I’ve ever been to. They’re actually fun.

I still hear about the legendary Labor Day party last year.

It was karaoake! I mean, I work exclusively with musicians, so everyone can really sing.

But did you sing?

Oh yeah. I sang “Waterloo” by ABBA with Joseph and we ad-libbed the choreography from “Muriel’s Wedding.”

One of the best dance scenes in a movie ever! What else.

I sang “Downtown” by Petula Clark with Katie freaking Moore singing backup! And I sang Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine” all by myself.

Yikes. Why?

Dude I was given that CD when I was 12 years old, and I have every word memorized still.

Joseph walks over and asks what is going on.

Joseph, what’s your favorite quality about Lucy?

Oh Lucy? Her hair. Definitely.

Posted July 15, 2011