Farm fresh veggies every Saturday!

Nick Kuepfer is known to Montrealers as a musician, with material released on Constellation Records and collaborations with many on the local experimental scene.

But lately, he’s been taking on a new job as a vegetable farmer—and the Pick-Up is proud to host him and his veggies every Saturday evening this summer.


First haul of the season

Kuepfer raises the crops single-handedly on a farm not far from the city. He got started this year, when the owner left town and asked him to take over. He had only grown vegetables as a hobby up until then, he explains, though “I’d done a lot of landscape construction and backyard gardening.”

He christened the farm Red Orach, after one of his favourite vegetables, which is on offer among the other goodies. “Another common name for it is mountain spinach,” he explains. “It’s like a really crisp spinach, but it’s a bright majenta.”


Various veggies including the red orach itself.

So far the farm has had a bountiful yield of vegetables and herbs. Upcoming deliveries include “watermelon, canteloupe, lots of winter squash, pumpkin, a bunch of hot peppers, two different kinds of brussel sprouts, and 10 different varieties of tomato,” says Kuepfer.

Though he’s also supplying a few local restaurants, the Pick-Up is currently the only location where Montrealers can personally purchase these veggie delights. Kuepfer will be selling his wares at the Pick-Up every Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m. The farm is equipped with a greenhouse, so Kuepfer says the veggie drop-offs will continue well through the fall: “I’m hoping to stretch it out into November.”

You can check out each week’s crop on the Farm Red Orach Facebook page.

Posted July 26, 2013