Photos: Cookies Unite with the Winnicki brothers

September 06, 2010 at 07:00 PM
Lmq_2010_19Hood Hawkers: Mat + Alex Winnicki with Gita Seaton
All photos provided by Gita Seaton

Me: “You’ve never met a pair like Mat and Alex Winnicki.”

You: “Promise?”

Me: “I promise!”

4971662968_3fec5970c0_zPhoto by Nima Ehtemam

The Winnicki brothers always take care of you proper. Their flavours will lay you out. Once they got you, for sure they feed you.

4971047797_505ec0dbdf_zHot sauce!
Photo by Nima Ehtemam

Mommy Kim raised her sons right. She taught them to cook and to love food. You may have met one or both of these two over at Atwater Market. They have been selling product there on and off for years.

4971047987_49b6344aef_zPhoto by Nima Ehtemam

Alex is working with fruit and vegetables while Mat is cutting meat upstairs at Boucherie de Tours.

4971048487_e468432363_zChicken Rice, a Singaporean classic
Photo by Nima Ehtemam

They are knees deep in Montreal. Each has done his share of work in quality establishments around the city.

4971662370_6a6a0f3bbb_zThe Winnicki Brothers
Photo by Nima Ehtemam

Mat was the star of Olive + Gourmando, pounding lunches to hundreds of clients every day while Alex honed his service skills over at Mercedes.

4971048875_a3870b6c90_zSingapore Roll
Photo by Nima Ehtemam

To top it all, both are avid gardeners… SIGH.

4971048191_51973bcb3c_zPhoto by Nima Ehtemam

The brothers graced Cookies Unite earlier this September for an authentic Singaporean street food presentation, something Montreal has never truly experienced.

4971661562_7a814b90f4_zPhoto by Nima Ehtemam

Hawker food is their roots and their calling. Look out for these two lovelies they are going to change the Montreal food scene soon.

4971049525_0c143b4fe3_zPhoto by Nima Ehtemam

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4971048623_8eed7f6b8f_zA Satisfied Bunch
Photo by Nima Ehtemam
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