Photos: Cookies Unite with Gita Seaton, aka Little Miss Queenie

October 04, 2010 at 07:00 PM
Pageimage-484548-1796550-img_0143Gita’s Menu
All photos provided by Gita Seaton

The founder of Cookies Unite — our own Gita Seaton — held her own edition of the supper club earlier this fall, on October 4.

Pageimage-484548-1796551-img_0144Salmon and Bagels

A little bio about Gita:

Née Gita Seaton, in Perth, Ontario I started cooking when I was 15. Well, actually dishwashing and serving clients in a bakery.

Pageimage-484548-1796552-img_0145Matzoh Ball Soup

Whenever I got the chance I made some of their recipes. I learned useful things like don’t put knives in the sink and stuff like that.

Pageimage-484548-1796553-img_0146Coca-cola brisket, potato latkes + kale

In my formative years The Joy of Cooking was my Torah alongside a box with filing cards of family recipes. I’ve been a dishwasher, a waitress, a nude model (my only non restauration job), a bartender, and finally landed on the line. I’ve trained in Montreal, Spain and Japan. It was my mission to travel and stuff my face for years.

Pageimage-484548-1796554-img_0147Macaroons, apples + honey

I came back (fat) to Mtl in late 2005 and worked for about 4 years at a famous fancy restaurant. Since I left there, I’ve been writing, taking on the odd contract and planning/hosting these events. So, now it’s your turn… EAT!

All photos provided by Gita Seaton.

Posted December 05, 2010