Preserved & Stoned: Sunny Stone for Cookies Unite at the Nouveau Palais

December 06, 2010 at 07:00 PM
155658_164576776916768_140168929357553_299319_2623954_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib

A few weeks ago, the Nouveau Palais hosted Comptoir chef Sunny Stone to dish up a gourmet meal for Gita Seaton’s Cookies Unite series. The evening, cheekily titled ‘Preserved & Stoned,’ featured four delicious courses, including charcuterie with pickled milkweed; BBQ pork with a slow poached egg; roasted winter vegetables; and (my favorite) a bone marrow shortcake.

Enjoy the pics — all images by Chamsi Dib.

47640_164576690250110_140168929357553_299315_1750944_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
58044_164576666916779_140168929357553_299314_7530661_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
63406_164576716916774_140168929357553_299316_3113967_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
154880_164576820250097_140168929357553_299321_1978288_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
156308_164576846916761_140168929357553_299322_440929_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
156325_164576753583437_140168929357553_299318_7315562_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
162748_164576800250099_140168929357553_299320_5779961_nAll photos by Chamsi Dib
Posted December 14, 2010