Photos! Szef Bartek + his Saucessession!

February 12, 2011 at 08:00 PM
Dscn3156A real mouthful.
Photo by Natasha Li Pickowicz

We’re pleased to report that the first-ever Le Pick Up Saucessession was a tremendous success.

We couldn’t be happier to have a talented sausage artist like Bartek Komorowski in our midst, and what treats awaited us that snowy evening! Heaps of spicy, taut sausages, puddles of tangy mustard, plates overflowing with pork fat-fried potatoes and house-made sauerkraut… not to mention drinking the dregs of endless sausage-appropriate beers + wines. And: no electric grinder-related injuries! (His ominous warnings for us to get our fingers out of there were apparently quite effective).

All in all, an ideal way to spend a Saturday night. Thanks to everybody who participated, and particularly to our sausage king, Szef Bartek!

Enjoy the photos + watch this space for future workshop announcements!

Le Pick Up

Dscn3047Getting the sausage ready…
Dscn3045Sage, thyme, garlic. Sausage-enhancers.
Dscn3040Sausage pottery?
Dscn3043Bartek Komorowski, a true artist.
Dscn3052Sausage wine, and plenty of it.
Dscn3060The eager participants.
Dscn3066Spicy smoked paprika sausages, ready for the griddle.
Dscn3117Pushing out some sausage…
Dscn3125Long link!
Dscn3147Hand-cranked links
Dscn3069The gang.
Dscn3067Hand-cranked sausage maker.
Dscn3070Smoked paprika: flavor for the gods
Dscn3090Almost ready..
Dscn3129Mixing it up!
Dscn3139Bartek’s homemade salami
Dscn3151Completed treasures!
Dscn3145Chow down.
Dscn3156Porky heaven.
Posted February 21, 2011