Cosmic sounds... a concert April 14!

April 14, 2012 at 09:00 PM

[Poster by Joshua Bastien]

In the spirit of Ostara, at the apex of spring, in celebration of renewal and fertility, and all things related to powerful and creative goddesses, and to new beginnings, and plants busting through soil, and ending hibernation, and drinking in light…

The Depanneur Le Pick Up presents three artists on Saturday, April 14 who bend cosmic circuits and channel good vibes, straight up with no distortion.

Laura Crapo (aka Laura Borealis): Laura emerged from the creative cocoon of the preeminent era of Halifax rock music, (as photographer/videographer for Eric’s Trip, Thrush Hermit, Superfriendz, Sloan) and has meta-morphed into a solo musician reiki master who makes otherworldly folk music for folks of this world and others. Lovely, haunting.

Rhonda Sweder: Imagine Kate Bush morphing into Leadbelly, and then Diane Cluck and Julie Andrews rewriting the Sound of Music together with Ziggy Stardust playing Von Trapp. Imagine if Lilith Fair was curated by Dorothy Ashby and Kim Gordon! Deep and rich, soaring and evocative, songs for voice and guitar.

Catharine Allan: Catharine is a clairvoyant medium and astrologer, and she also practices healing with sound. Catharine will be playing a solfeggio tuning fork, accompanied by simple sung songs. The vibration of this tuning fork is for love, and repairing DNA.

8$ / Doors at 9:00 + fresh juice for sale, from the bounty of Mother Earth

Posted April 07, 2012