WORKSHOP MAY 19: Make Your Own Backyard Smoker!

May 19, 2012 at 05:00 PM

We’re thrilled to announce that our next workshop at Le Pick Up will feature the talented duo behind Montreal’s own Pork Futures. Take it away, Andrew!

Do you know the difference between hot smoking and cold smoking? Do you know what a pellicule is. Or, why your cedar plank salmon sometimes tastes bitter? Have you ever tasted smoked salt and wondered whether you could make that? Do you like to roll your own? Bacon, mackerel, cheese?

Few people know that a smoker can be made out of an old gym locker, a garbage can, or a filing cabinet. Smaller household items are just as good. We’ll show you. We’re two passionate DIYers who’ve learned a lot from trial and error, from books, from family knowledge, and from little old Italian men who are happy to share their secrets.

In this workshop we’ll show you some plans for a basic smoker, and you’ll learn about safe temperatures, the flavours of different woods and recipes to prepare meat, fish or anything else for smoking.

We’ve done all the work: now, come pick our brains for a couple of hours, see how it all works, taste some goodies and walk away with some confidence that you, too, can smoke it at home.

The (outdoor, weather permitting!) workshop will begin promptly at 5pm. Registration fills up extremely fast, so please email us at to save your spot! The class costs $30 and will be followed by a sampling of Nick and Andrew’s own smoked goodies.

We hope to see you there!!


[All photos from Pork Futures tumblr — yum.]

Posted May 02, 2012