A Vietnamese summer feast with Rau Rum!

August 25, 2012 at 07:30 PM

[All photos by Marigold Santos]

We’re thrilled to present the next special dinner here at Le Pick Up, featuring the creative forces behind Rau Rum, The Vietnamese Food Basket, a small local business that prepares healthy, fresh Vietnamese dishes, all delivered in a basket!


Jenn Doan and Ted Strauss, the duo behind Rau Rum, will prepare a healthful, vibrant Vietnamese feast here at the Pick Up on Saturday, August 25. Expect unusual, unforgettable dishes — like canh chua, a remarkable sweet and sour tamarind soup with okra and pineapple; ca hap, steamed trout stuffed with ground pork and shiitake mushrooms; che chuoi, a tapioca pearl pudding flavored with banana, coconut milk, and maple syrup.. and so much more.

Jenn was inspired to learn her mother’s traditional dishes after moving away from home and feeling very disconnected to her own Vietnamese heritage. She decided to recreate the dishes and sauces that were normally pre-prepared and packaged here in North America, but filled with high amounts of salts. refined sugars, and preservatives. Jenn found ways to prepare them from scratch, using high quality ingredients with natural sugars such as dates, sweet potatoes, and fruit juice. We’re thrilled to host the talented couple, who will share with us the mouthwatering food secrets that usually stay hidden inside Vietnamese homes.

Email us at lepickupevents@gmail.com to make your reservations! The four-course meal will be $30, and there will be two seatings, at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. Seating is very limited — get in touch soon!

Posted August 13, 2012